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Thanks for coming to Canada Weed Dispensary. We’re a couple of guys who have been smoking since high school. We love our weed and decided that craft weed and variety should be available to the masses. Currently we all know a guy, that knows a guy that gets us our weed. Typically we get one maybe two choices of quality and consistency is dependent on supply. But the marijuana world is changing and product is at the highest levels of quality than they’ve ever been.

Wouldn’t it be great if this type of marijuana was accessible to all? like craft beer? Where our taste-buds and highs could be uniquely served without having to rely on what “our guy” currently has in stock?

Canada Weed Dispensary was built on the premise that high quality exotic flavours should be available to everyone. We have no minimum orders so that you can try everything before committing to your flavour. Some days I feel like a mellow body buzz, other days I want the head rush. Or what about the snackin J during work? Some regular Kush would suffice but come the weekend? Get me some of that Grape Godddddd.

The point is weed should be as unique as you are. Get it when you want, how you want at CanadaWeedDispensary.ca.

There are now over 90 dispensaries in BC alone and over 70 based out of Toronto: http://globalnews.ca/news/2645660/in-canadas-illegal-pot-market-a-legalized-future-takes-shape/

Is this illegal? The answer is yes, but is this policed, NO. See article above for a quote from Toronto Police. On July 1st 2018, this will be legalized and Canada Weed Dispensary will be at the forefront of the industry bringing variety for all medicinal and recreational use. In the meantime, please feel comfortable sending your ID in. We do this to prevent minors from enjoying our culture. Ultimately, we feel that the decision to partake in high times, should be made by a responsible adult.

Every order shipped, will be done in accordance to Post Office instructions. That can be referenced here ​http://www.marijuanalaws.ca/mailing-shipping.html​. Also as you can see, while technically it’s possible for them to seize your package, it’s really not in their interests with the upcoming federal legalization. As long as we keep to ourselves, and smoke responsibly, it’s a wonderful time to live: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/mail-order-marijuana-a-challenging-problem-police-1.3396294

Hopefully some of the above news articles provide some reassurance. We just want everyone to be able to enjoy the different products out there and enjoy the magical plant in all it’s glory.

Thanks for supporting the site and look forward to upcoming specials. Remember if you like what you see, please share with your friends. Roll up that J and puff puff pass.

CWD Team

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