Plazmatic X – Electric Rechargeable Lighter

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Plazmatic X – Electric Rechargeable Lighter

Why spend hundreds on disposable lighters that ruin the environment and fill up our landfills when you can own an electric rechargeable lighter. Plazmatic X is a 100% electric and rechargeable lighter that is flame-less and requires no butane. Plazmatic X is the original creator of the electric dual-beam arc lighter. Don’t be fooled by imitations!

With Plazmatic X you will never have to spend money on Butane or have your flame blown out by the wind as Plazmatic X has dual beams that heat to 900 °F instantly.

With a USD port you get 100 lights on a full charge. Simply, plug in Plazmatic X and after 60 minutes you are fully charged.

Electric USD Lighter: Plazmatic X is 100% electric and rechargeable via any standard USB port (cord included). Plug it in and after 60 minutes, your lighter is fully charged with 100 lights on a full charge.

Windproof: Dual electric, flame-less beams don’t blow out in the wind.

No More Butane: Never have to buy butane again. Stop harming as Plazmatic X is eco-friendly and easy to use.

Multi Purpose: Engineered to spark nearly anything including.

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Plazmatic’s patented design allows you to light nearly anything with ease and precision. The most versatile lighter on the planet.


  • Blazing hot dual beams that heat to 900 °F instantly
  • Child safety lock
  • Ultra-durable zinc alloy case that’s easy to clean and maintain


  • 100+ lights per charge
  • 60-minute charge time
  • Long-lasting lithium-ion battery


  • 6 oz (170 g)


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